Student Healthcare

Student Healthcare

With our student healthcare services, students get a dedicated team that is available to manage all their medical needs while in Israel.

While the post-high school year in Israel can be a life changing experience, living in a new country with a foreign culture demands a new set of maturity and responsibility. Students are often left feeling helpless and neglected when it comes to their health in Israel, bewildered by the unfamiliar and complex medical system, in a language they are not fluent. While it is easy to sign up for and obtain standard health insurance, the plans most often do not provide comprehensive coverage beyond the basic sore throat or stomach ache, and the students and parents are then left to fend for themselves.

This is where MSG takes on a critical role. MSG becomes your point of contact for every healthcare concern. With MSG, students receive the ideal combination of benefits, services and comprehensive health coverage. We ensure each student is directed to the correct medical professional and is receiving the best medical care possible. We make appointments for general physicians, specialists, tests and procedures. We advocate for our students and organize the logistics of each case. When needed, we are in contact with the parents back home to coordinate a multifaceted approach. We continuously monitor the status of each case ensuring nothing is overlooked. We ensure that each student is receiving the best and fastest treatment and care possible.

In case of hospitalization, an MSG Medical Chaperone accompanies the student and coordinates communication and reports between the student, the hospital and the family.

We work with Yeshivas, Seminaries, Camps, short-term and long-term programs.

MSG provides healthcare services for students with pre-existing conditions as well.

MSG assists clients with filing claims with their HMO’s or insurance in their country of origin.

MSG ensures that continuous communication and coordination of healthcare is happening between the doctors themselves, the students, the parents and the school administrators. We are your first call for anything medical related in Israel.

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