Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management

MSG provides medical case management and concierge services for tourists, international students and Israeli citizens. We provide emergency and continuing healthcare coordination and liaison services for our clients.

We understand how difficult it could be to navigate a complex and often foreign medical system. From the language barriers to the culture, finding the correct and consistent care can prove to be difficult and often cause more damage. We have therefore created a unique system to enable fluid access, treatment and follow-up so our customers can obtain the highest quality. Rather than getting lost in a complex and foreign system, the MSG team is here to ensure that you receive the best advocacy, best resources and best medical care from top health professionals. We will get you the best medical care in Israel and ensure your case is being optimally managed.

Our multi-disciplinary team of Senior EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurses & Physicians are available 24/7 to assess and treat clients in the comfort of their own home or the location easiest for each client. Our staff has extensive experience and relationships with the best medical professionals throughout Israel that assist in each of our cases.

In addition to providing comprehensive medical care to each client, we can be constantly in communication with our clients family members or loved ones to ensure they are part of the decision-making processes and informed of any medical updates.

We also provide medical case management services clients with pre-existing conditions.

As part of our medical case management services, MSG will:

  • Organize Medical Appoints
  • Arrange for Medical Equipment
  • Coordinate Transportation to and from Appointments
  • Coordinate At-Home (or In-Facility/Hotel/School) Medical Treatments
  • Will Assist with In-Site Support
  • Will Assist with Medical Advocacy and Consultation
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